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Hard Training at The Pit Barbell Club, Training for Powerlifting, Avoiding Injuries, Dick Conner with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 6) - 19 June 14


Hard Training at The Pit Barbell Club, Training for Powerlifting, Avoiding Injuries, Training Lessons Learned, Dick Conner with Bob Whelan

Dick Conner is one of the most respected men in the Iron Game. He has loved the Iron Game and strength training since the early 1950s. While stationed in the Navy at San Diego, he trained with Leo Stern, the same man who trained the famous Bill Pearl. He is a retired police officer and suffered serious injuries in the line of duty that made training himself almost impossible. Dick decided to turn this into a positive situation and to use his knowledge to help others. 

He has been contributing to teaching others proper training methods for decades and runs one of the best hard-core gyms in the country, The Pit, in his home state of Indiana. He is the long-time coach of the famous PIT Powerlifting Team, which has won numerous drug-tested powerlifting championships. The PIT Powerlifting Team has won 19 state powerlifting championships and 9 national championships. The team has traveled all over the country to meet any challenger. Dick trains many athletes at the Pit and has also written numerous articles for HardGainer magazine and