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Marvin Eder - The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived, Pound for Pound, Drug Free - Marvin Eder Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 20) - 22 Oct 14


Tonight you are in for quite a treat. Our guest is pound for pound the strongest drug free man to ever walk the face of the earth. The legendary Marvin Eder. I have been friends with Marvin for over 10 years and we have had many long phone conversations. I wish I had them all recorded. Marvin was the recipient of the Physical Culture Award at my last Capital City Strength Clinic, and today, the day of this podcast, October 22nd, its Marvin's 83rd birthday. Happy birthday Marvin.

Listen to what the great iron game historian Osmo Kiiha wrote about Marvin Eder:

“Marvin set the strength world on notice in the early 1950's His incredible power along with a world class physique set him apart from other men of his era. He had tremendous natural gifts, thick joints, great leverage, all his lifting was done way before the era of drugs. Marvin's strength feats were almost super human, he was able to surpass the efforts of almost all super-heavies of the time, weighing only 196-198 pounds. He was the third man in the world to bench press 500 pounds and the only man under 200 pounds to accomplish this fabulous feat in the 1950's. His one single parallel bar dip has never been equaled, 434 pounds, at the bodyweight of 198. He cleaned and military pressed 355 as a middle-heavyweight in 1953, which exceeded the official American record by 74 pounds, but due to being declared a professional athlete at the time, was unable to claim his rightful place as the American and world record holder. Marvin was the original high intensity training kid, very few could stand up to his training volume or load, truly Marvin Eder was pound for pound, the ‘Strongest Man’ who ever walked the face of the earth.”

Marvin, its an honor to have you on Natural Strength Night.